Protecting Land Resources

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Protecting Land Resources

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Biodiversity—Our Living World: Your Life Depends on It!

Ke Chung Kim
Center for Biodiversity Research, Environmental Resources Research Institute,
The Pennsylvania State University, College of Agricultural Sciences.
Year: 2001

This is an excellent educational resource on Pennsylvania biodiversity. It is full of photos and information presented in a creative and interesting manner.

Creating Sustainable Community Parks, A Guide to Improving Quality of Life by Protecting Natural Resources

Office of Conservation Science,
PA Department of Conservation & Natural Resources / Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society
Year: 2007

Communities are encouraged to design parks and greenspaces utilizing techniques and resources that encourage wildlife, save energy, support native plants and avoid invasive species. Information on designing community parks is available through DCNR.

Earth Force

It is an organization that engages young people as active citizens to improve the environment and their communities.

It provides materials and resources for developing projects for service learning through community action and provides networking opportunities with teams throughout the country, Earth Force provides a framework and program for moving students to action. Pennsylvania Earth Force projects are located in Erie, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

Exploring Environmental Issues: Places We Live Project Learning Tree

An environmental program for secondary students developed by Project Learning Tree that focuses on land use decision-making. For information and to obtain copies contact PDE Office of Environment and Ecology at 717.783.6995.

Going Places, Making Choices
National 4-H Council

This is a series of booklets about land use and transportation.

Lessons From the Land
Creative Change Educational Solutions

This is a curriculum developed to educate young people about land use and the role of citizens in shaping a sustainable future.

A Nice Place to Live: Creating Communities, Fighting Sprawl National Issues Forum

This material is designed to help citizens take a fresh look at the problems of building and maintaining nice places to live against the forces of sprawl. The issue guide provides an overview of the issue and, to promote public deliberation and citizen action, outlines several perspectives or choices. Free moderator’s guide available, additional resources can be ordered.

Pennsylvania Biodiversity: An Educators Guide to Exploring Pennsylvania’s Web of Life

Pennsylvania Biological Survey
Year: 1999

Activities are adapted with permission from Biodiversiy Basics published by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) as part of Windows on the Wild (WOW). Published by the Pennsylvania Biological Survey.

Project Citizen
Center for Civic Education

Year: 2008

This education program is administered by the Center for Civic Education in cooperation with the National Conference of State Legislatures. It is funded by the US Department of Education. The purpose of the program is to help students engage in community projects as a responsibility of citizenship.

Project Learning Tree (Pre K- 8)
American Forest Foundation, Project Learning Tree

Year: 2004

This material focuses on the forest as a window to learning and involves hands-on activities that provide students opportunities to investigate environmental issues. For information and to obtain copies contact PDE Office of Environment and Ecology at 717.783.6995.

Project WILD, K-12 Curriculum and Activity Guide
Project WILD: Council for Environmental Education

Year: 2003

Project WILD is an interdisciplinary conservation and environmental education program emphasizing wildlife. Workshops are coordinated by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. The activity recommended in PA Land Choices is called “Oh Deer!” and is located in Project WILD.