Living In Communities


When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.”

Aldo Leopold (Naturalist/Conservation Advocate)

Where do we start making smart land choices? We need to start with our communities…our boroughs, townships, cities and neighborhoods.We don’t have to settle for traffic jams and unattractive neighborhoods and cinder-block shopping areas. Communities can visualize what they want and take charge to assure that their community is changing in a positive direction. Just look at communities that you enjoy visiting. Identify the elements that make a community attractive and vital. Decide what is wanted and what is not desirable and develop a plan to make your community the best you can.

CommunityChange is inevitable. It will happen whether your community is prepared or not. The pressures of development occur for many reasons. They can be traced to societal demands and consumer choices. But that doesn’t mean a community cannot control its own destiny. It takes visionary leadership and an educated, motivated and committed citizenry. Creativity and patience can change a degraded neighborhood into a place that generates pride. A small group of motivated citizens can create a museum where a deserted factory once stood. A small group of dedicated leaders can create a regional tourist destination for visitors, artisans and wildlife viewers where few visitors ever ventured. It is this Pennsylvanian spirit and ingenuitythat is portrayed in our communities that address change head-on and create their vision for the future.

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