Pennsylvania Planning Toolbox

The Planning Toolbox

Pennsylvania Planning Toolbox

Participants will discuss the concept of planning and examine samples of planning tools outlined by the MPC. They will study samples of the zoning ordinance, subdivision and land development ordinance (SALDO), the official map and the comprehensive plan. After completing a worksheet, they will discuss the purpose of their tool in land use planning and review examples of specific ordinances using real-life scenarios.


  • What are four tools that a community can implement to help guide future growth and land use decisions?
  • How can these tools help your community?
  • Why are they used in some communities and not others?


  • Copy and cut the Major Planning Tools. You could provide an opportunity for participants to select one of four tools out of a “hat” or count off by fours. Each participant should be assigned one of the four planning tools.
  • Copy Major Planning Tools Worksheet for each participant.
  • Collect samples of a comprehensive plan, subdivision and land development ordinance, zoning regulations and the official map from communities. For additional information, view and copy the Pennsylvania Planning Series booklets
  • Provide cards and markers/pens.
  • Copy and prepare What is Planning Worksheet.


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