Protecting Land Resources

Academic Standards

Protecting Land Resources

Protecting Land Resources includes four activities:

Activity 1: Wildlife and Land Use »
Activity 2: Ecosystem Services »
Activity 3: Tools to Protect Land Resources »
Activity 4: Jonestown: A Case Study (Following the Greenway) »

"Green" is essential for community health, recreation and aesthetics. Protecting valuable green spaces, trees and other natural resources, should be a priority in community plans. It is important for communities to protect and manage their green space and parks in sustainable ways.

This lesson provides opportunities to discuss the value of environmental services, the impact of unplanned development and the strategies for protecting natural resources and green space. Participants will focus on the story of endangered and threatened species, discuss the values of trees and forests in urban and rural settings and apply land use tools that help protect resources and open space. They will develop a community plan proposing strategies for implementing tools and forming partnerships.

Participants will conduct a study of Jonestown, Pennsylvania and provide recommendations in the development of a greenway. A greenway is a corridor of green space that connects to nodes or destinations, drawing people and wildlife to move within this natural pathway. Participants will apply their knowledge and skills in helping Jonestown design their greenway.

Standard Categories

  • Environment and Ecology
  • Civics and Government

Standard Statements

4.7 Threatened, Endangered, and Extinct Species
4.8 Humans and the Environment
4.9 Environmental Law and Regulations
5.2 Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship

Content Objectives

  • Compare and contrast historical landscape changes with present day situations
  • Analyze how land use needs relate to sustainability of natural resources
  • Describe the value of habitat protection as it relates to sustainability of specific species of plants and animals
  • Define threatened, endangered and extinct species and explain how human activities impact wildlife
  • Research and develop strategies relating to deer management and land use
  • Describe a minimum of eight ecosystem services relative to human beings
  • Explain laws and tools for protecting land resources
  • Analyze the conflicts of land choices and techniques to resolve them
  • Calculate and evaluate cost comparisons between developments and protecting land
  • Develop and describe a plan for implementing tools for land protection in a variety of situations

Instructional Strategies

  • Analysis
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Discussion
  • Lecture
  • Survey
  • Data Analysis
  • Problem Solving
  • Presentation

Assessment Strategies

  • Group presentations
  • Group and individual discussions
  • Successful completion of land protection worksheets
  • Calculations and evaluation of cost analysis
  • Post-lesson questions and response

Time Required

  • 3.0 hours

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