Ready, Set…Action!

Academic Standards

Ready, Set…Action!

Ready, Set…Action includes three activities:

Activity 1: Conserve Pennsylvania »
Activity 2: Conservation Heroes »
Activity 3: ACTION: Stewardship and Service Learning »

The ultimate goal of education is to develop responsible citizens. This lesson focuses on the power and responsibility of each individual to become involved in improving his or her community through community action and leadership in conservation.

Involvement can happen at many levels...on a personal level, a community level, a state level, a national level and a global level. The community provides many opportunities for involvement and participation in local leadership. From planting trees to picking up litter to joining an Environmental Advisory Council, people can choose the type of contribution they can afford to make. The local government structure of communities involves elected officials, laws, and enforcement, enabling residents to practice citizenship on a local level involving themselves in the democratic process and the importance of democratic deliberation.

The activities will introduce participants to the DCNR iConservePA website ( that promotes the actions of people who have participated in various conservation activities. Participants will meet heroes who have contributed energy, resources, leadership and commitment to protect land in their communities. Participants will explore a variety of ideas to inspire actions in their own communities. Discussions for teachers on service learning projects and contacts will encourage conservation projects through public schools.

Standard Categories

  • Environment and Ecology
  • Civics and Government

Standard Statements

4.8 Humans and the Environment
5.2 Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship
5.3 How Government Works

Content Objectives

  • Define the meaning of civic responsibility and citizenship
  • Analyze services and actions that are good examples of civic actions
  • Define Service Leaning
  • Identify opportunities for action in communities
  • Incorporate the model for Project Citizen in changing public policy

Instructional Strategies

  • Discussion
  • Survey analysis
  • Group Problem Solving
  • Presentations
  • Demonstration

Assessment Strategies

  • Develop a portfolio of action projects

Time Required

  • 3.0 hours

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